tritical etymology

English word tritical comes from Ancient Greek κρίνω, and later Latin criticus (A critic (medicine) critical, decisive.)

Detailed word origin of tritical

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κρίνω Ancient Greek (grc)
κρίσις Ancient Greek (grc)
κριτικός Ancient Greek (grc)
criticus Latin (lat) A critic (medicine) critical, decisive.
critical English (eng) A critical value, factor, etc.. In breakdancing, a kind of airflare move in which the dancer hops from one hand to the other. (medicine) Of a patient condition involving unstable vital signs and a prognosis that predicts the condition could worsen; or, a patient condition that requires urgent treatment in an intensive care or critical care medical facility.. (physics) Of a temperature that [...]
tritical English (eng) (obsolete) trite.

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Descendants of κρίνω
crisis critic critical hypocrisy hypocrite