uberveillance etymology

English word uberveillance comes from English surveillance, English uber- ((slang) Super; really; mega-.)

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surveillance English (eng) (legal) In criminal law, an investigation process by which police gather evidence about crimes, or suspected crime, through continued observation of persons or places.. (military, espionage) Systematic observation of places and people by visual, aural, electronic, photographic or other means.. Close observation of an individual or group; person or persons under suspicion.. Continuous [...]
uber- English (eng) (slang) Super; really; mega-.
uberveillance English (eng) (slang) An omnipresent form of 24/7 surveillance of humans based on widespread electronic devices, and especially computer chips embedded into bodies.

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Descendants of surveillance
dataveillance surveil
Descendants of uber-
uberblogger uberchef uberchic uberculture uberdork uberfan uberfic ubergeeky ubermodel ubernerdy ubersexual uberwealthy