ureterosigmoidostomy etymology

English word ureterosigmoidostomy comes from English -ostomy, English sigmoid, English uretero- ((anatomy) ureter.)

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-ostomy English (eng)
sigmoid English (eng) (mathematics) A function having a graph whose shape is sigmoid. See Wikipedia and Mathworld. (anatomy) Relating to the sigmoid flexure of the large intestine.. (geometry) Curved in two directions, like the letter "S", or the Greek ς (sigma).. (geometry, archaic) Semi-circular, like the lunar sigma (similar to English C).. (mathematics) Exhibiting logistic growth; having a graph that [...]
uretero- English (eng) (anatomy) ureter.
ureterosigmoidostomy English (eng) (medicine) A surgical procedure in which the ureters are diverted into the sigmoid colon.

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ureterocele ureterocystoplasty ureterolith ureterolysis ureteropathy ureteropelvic ureteropyeloscopy ureterorenal ureterorenoscopy ureteroureterostomy ureterovaginal ureterovesical