urethropexy etymology

English word urethropexy comes from English -pexy (Fixing (in place), fastening.), English urethro- ((anatomy) urethra.)

Detailed word origin of urethropexy

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-pexy English (eng) Fixing (in place), fastening.
urethro- English (eng) (anatomy) urethra.
urethropexy English (eng) A surgical procedure that provides support to the urethra, sometimes performed in the treatment of incontinence.

Words with the same origin as urethropexy

Descendants of -pexy
aortopexy arytenoidopexy cardiopexy colopexy nephropexy omentopexy pectopexy rectopexy retinopexy rheopexy splenopexy
Descendants of urethro-
urethrectomy urethrocele urethrocutaneous urethrogram urethrography urethropenile urethroperineal urethroplasty urethroprostatic urethrorectal urethrorrhagia urethroscope urethrotome urethrovaginal