uriniferous etymology

English word uriniferous comes from English urine, English -iferous

Detailed word origin of uriniferous

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urine English (eng) (physiology) Liquid excrement consisting of water, salts and urea, which is made in the kidneys, stored in the bladder, then released through the urethra. (archaic) To urinate.
-iferous English (eng)
uriniferous English (eng) Conveying urine.

Words with the same origin as uriniferous

Descendants of urine
piss-warm urinable urinalysis urinative uriniparous urinology urinoma urinous
Descendants of -iferous
coloriferous coralliferous crystalliferous fossiliferous galeniferous gasiferous guaniferous gummiferous insectiferous lamelliferous mammaliferous manniferous muriatiferous nectariferous nitrogeniferous ocelliferous ozoniferous papuliferous phosphoriferous polleniferous pyritiferous siliciferous stoloniferous sulphuriferous