urogram etymology

English word urogram comes from English -gram (Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.), English uro-

Detailed word origin of urogram

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-gram English (eng) Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.
uro- English (eng) Urine; relating to urine and the urinary system. Tail.. Urochord or the Urochordata; having a tail.
urogram English (eng) An image of the urinary tract, taken by X-ray.

Words with the same origin as urogram

Descendants of -gram
hologram sonic sound telegram ultrasound unison
Descendants of uro-
bromouracil thiouracil uranalysis urochrome urocyst urogastric urogenital urogynaecology urogynecological urogynecologist urology uropatagium uropathologist uropathy urophile uropod uropyloric urorrhea uroscopy urosome urosternite urotoxic urotoxic coefficient uroxanthin