uropathologist etymology

English word uropathologist comes from English pathologist, English uro-

Detailed word origin of uropathologist

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pathologist English (eng) An expert in pathology; a specialist who examines samples of body tissues for diagnostic or forensic purpose.
uro- English (eng) Urine; relating to urine and the urinary system. Tail.. Urochord or the Urochordata; having a tail.
uropathologist English (eng) A pathologist whose specialism is uropathology.

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Descendants of pathologist
Döhle body
Descendants of uro-
bromouracil thiouracil uranalysis urochrome urocyst urogastric urogenital urogram urogynaecology urogynecological urogynecologist urology uropatagium uropathy urophile uropod uropyloric urorrhea uroscopy urosome urosternite urotoxic urotoxic coefficient uroxanthin