uropod etymology

English word uropod comes from English -pod (Related to or resembling a foot or similar limb.), English uro-

Detailed word origin of uropod

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-pod English (eng) Related to or resembling a foot or similar limb.
uro- English (eng) Urine; relating to urine and the urinary system. Tail.. Urochord or the Urochordata; having a tail.
uropod English (eng) (anatomy) either of the two posterior abdominal appendages of the lobster, shrimp and some other crustaceans. (immunology) the hind part of polarized leukocytes, mostly involved in cell-to-cell interaction, cell activation and apoptosis.

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Descendants of -pod
acanthopod apod aulacopod axopod baenopod bipod brachiopod copepod copepodite dipod epipod exopod gnathopod holopod macropod myxopod pentapod peraeopod peristeropodous polypod pseudopod pygopod thoracopod unipod
Descendants of uro-
bromouracil thiouracil uranalysis urochrome urocyst urogastric urogenital urogram urogynaecology urogynecological urogynecologist urology uropatagium uropathologist uropathy urophile uropyloric urorrhea uroscopy urosome urosternite urotoxic urotoxic coefficient uroxanthin