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English word urotoxic comes from English toxic, English uro-

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toxic English (eng) (figurative) Negative; harmful.. (medicine) Appearing grossly unwell; characterised by serious, potentially life-threatening compromise in the respiratory, circulatory or other body systems.. (toxicology) Having a chemical nature that is harmful to health or lethal if consumed or otherwise entering into the body in sufficient quantities.
uro- English (eng) Urine; relating to urine and the urinary system. Tail.. Urochord or the Urochordata; having a tail.
urotoxic English (eng) Relating to the poisonous character of the urine.

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Descendants of toxic
detoxify mytilotoxine retoxify toxidrome toxify
Descendants of uro-
bromouracil thiouracil uranalysis urochrome urocyst urogastric urogenital urogram urogynaecology urogynecological urogynecologist urology uropatagium uropathologist uropathy urophile uropod uropyloric urorrhea uroscopy urosome urosternite urotoxic coefficient uroxanthin