useless etymology

English word useless comes from English -less (Lacking (something); without (something).), English use

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-less English (eng) Lacking (something); without (something).
use English (eng) (dated) To behave toward; to act with regard to; to treat.. (intransitive) To consume a previously specified substance, especially a drug to which one is addicted.. (intransitive, now, rare, literary) To habitually do; to be wont to do.. (intransitive, past tense with infinitive) To habitually do. See used to.. (reflexive, obsolete) To become accustomed (to), to accustom oneself (to).. [...]
useless English (eng) (colloquial, of a person) unable to do well at a particular task or thing. Useless is mildly insulting.. (pejorative, of a person) good-for-nothing; not dependable.. Unhelpful, not useful; pointless (of an action).. Without use or possibility to be used.

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breathless clueless countless defenseless fearless flawless hopeless meaningless merciless needless penniless pointless priceless regardless relentless ruthless selfless senseless sleepless thoughtless timeless toothless topless wireless