vaseline etymology

English word vaseline comes from German Wasser, Ancient Greek ἔλαιον

Detailed word origin of vaseline

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Wasser German (deu) An alcoholic beverage, similar to brandy, made from fermented fruit. Water.
ἔλαιον Ancient Greek (grc)
vaseline English (eng) To lubricate with vaseline. A greenish-yellow coloured glass, or the colouring used in the manufacture of this glass.. Any particular kind of petroleum jelly or of any similar lubricant.. Petroleum jelly.

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Descendants of ἔλαιον
canola degas elaeocarpusin elæon essential oil gas gasbag gasman gasoline gassy gasworks indole isoindole lino linoleum menthol oil oilcan oilman oilstone oily petrol petroleum regas