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English word vasocontraction comes from English contraction, English vaso-

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contraction English (eng) (English orthography) A word with omitted letters replaced by an apostrophe, usually resulting from the above process.. (biology) A shortening of a muscle when it is used.. (economics) A period of economic decline or negative growth.. (linguistics) A process whereby one or more sounds of a free morpheme (a word) are lost or reduced, such that it becomes a bound morpheme (a clitic) that [...]
vaso- English (eng) (medicine, pathology) Pertaining to blood vessels or the vascular system.
vasocontraction English (eng)

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vasoarrhythmia vasocongestion vasoconstriction vasoconstrictive vasocontractile vasodentine vasodepressor vasodilate vasodilative vasoepididymostomy vasography vasoinhibitor vasointestinal vasoligation vasomodulation vasomotor vasoprotection vasoprotective vasoreactivity vasoregression vasorelaxant vasospasm vasotrophic vasovagal