vasoepididymostomy etymology

English word vasoepididymostomy comes from English vaso-, English epididymis, English -stomy

Detailed word origin of vasoepididymostomy

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vaso- English (eng) (medicine, pathology) Pertaining to blood vessels or the vascular system.
epididymis English (eng) (anatomy) A narrow, tightly-coiled tube connecting the efferent ducts from the rear of each testicle to its vas deferens, where sperm are stored during maturation.
-stomy English (eng) A surgical procedure forming a hole, used for access, nutrition, or waste elimination.
vasoepididymostomy English (eng) (surgery) A kind of surgery by which vasectomies are reversed, involving connection of the severed vas deferens to the epididymis.

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Descendants of vaso-
vasoarrhythmia vasocongestion vasoconstriction vasoconstrictive vasocontractile vasocontraction vasodentine vasodepressor vasodilate vasodilative vasography vasoinhibitor vasointestinal vasoligation vasomodulation vasomotor vasoprotection vasoprotective vasoreactivity vasoregression vasorelaxant vasospasm vasotrophic vasovagal
Descendants of epididymis
epididymal epididymitis epididymosome
Descendants of -stomy
-ostomy duodenojejunostomy ostomy pancreatojejunostomy