viscerotopic etymology

English word viscerotopic comes from English -topic (Place.), English viscero- (Forming compound words concerning viscera.)

Detailed word origin of viscerotopic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-topic English (eng) Place.
viscero- English (eng) Forming compound words concerning viscera.
viscerotopic English (eng) (physiology) Relating to the parts of the viscera, especially as perceived by the senses.

Words with the same origin as viscerotopic

Descendants of -topic
bitopic chronotopic cochleotopic eurytopic heterotopic isotopic retinotopic spatiotopic
Descendants of viscero-
visceroatrial viscerocranial viscerocranium visceromegaly visceromotor visceroparietal visceropathy viscerosensory visceroskeletal viscerosomatic