vitasphere etymology

English word vitasphere comes from Latin vita, English -sphere

Detailed word origin of vitasphere

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vita Latin (lat) (by extension) living, support, subsistence. (figuratively) mankind, the living. A way of life. Life. Real life, not fiction.
-sphere English (eng) (mathematics) Used to form nouns indicating a sphere of x dimensions. Designating some layer of the Earth.
vitasphere English (eng) (rare) The portion of the Earth that contains living organisms.

Words with the same origin as vitasphere

Descendants of vita
age average awe awesome baggage cottage damage footage language leverage luggage marriage massage orphanage package passage passenger salvage save shortage stage storage teen teenage voyage
Descendants of -sphere
adminisphere atmosphere biosphere blogosphere electrosphere fatosphere fisking graphosphere heliosphere heliospheric hydrosphere ionosphere magnetosphere mammosphere mechanical lithosphere mesosphere neutrinosphere oncosphere photosphere phyllosphere podosphere sarcosphere tectosphere troposphere