vlogumentary etymology

English word vlogumentary comes from English vlog, English documentary

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vlog English (eng) (internet, intransitive) To contribute to a video weblog.. (internet, transitive) To post (something) to a video weblog. (Internet) A weblog using video as its primary presentation format. [from 21st c.].
documentary English (eng) (of a film, book etc) Presented objectively without the insertion of fictional matter.. Of, related to, or based on documents.. Which serves to document (record and:or illustrate) a subject. A film, TV program, publication etc. which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner.
vlogumentary English (eng) A documentary that is created in the same manner as a vlog or by combining several vlogs together, that is, without a separate film crew.

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