wingman etymology

English word wingman comes from English -man, English wing

Detailed word origin of wingman

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-man English (eng) In certain cases, someone (implied male) who derives from a particular nationality.. Someone (implied male) who has special characteristics relating to a topic or area.. Someone (implied male) who is an expert in an area.. Someone (implied male) who is employed or holds a position in an area.
wing English (eng) (intransitive) To fly.. (transitive) To act or speak extemporaneously; to improvise; to wing it.. (transitive) To injure slightly (as with a gunshot), especially in the arm.. (transitive) To throw.. (transitive, of a building) To add a wing (extra part) to. (British) A panel of a car which encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.. (British) A unit of command consisting of two or [...]
wingman English (eng) (by extension) a friend who accompanies one to offer (or receive) support, especially in picking up girls. A pilot partner of another, a pilot who flies in the same wing or squadron.

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bowman businessman cameraman cartman chairman congressman councilman doorman fireman fisherman freeman gunman handyman hangman hitman madman milkman policeman postman salesman sandman seaman snowman watchman