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English word wireless comes from English -less (Lacking (something); without (something).), English wire.

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-less English (eng) Lacking (something); without (something).
wire English (eng) (informal) To send a message or a money value to another person through a telecommunications system, formerly predominantly by telegraph.. (slang) To install eavesdropping equipment.. (transitive, croquet) To place (a ball) so that the wire of a wicket prevents a successful shot.. To add something into an electrical system by means of wiring; to incorporate or include something.. To equip [...]
wireless English (eng) Not having any wires.. Of or relating to communication without a wired connection, such as by radio waves. (dated) A radio set.. (uncountable) The medium of radio communication.. (uncountable) Wireless connectivity to a computer network. To send a message by wireless (by radio).

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breathless clueless countless defenseless fearless flawless hopeless meaningless merciless needless penniless pointless priceless regardless relentless ruthless selfless senseless sleepless thoughtless timeless toothless topless useless
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