wisely etymology

English word wisely comes from Old English wis (Wise.), Old English wīs, Old English -līċe

Detailed word origin of wisely

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
wis Old English (ang) Wise.
wīs Old English (ang)
-līċe Old English (ang)
wīslīċe Old English (ang)
wislice Old English (ang) Wisely, skillfully, cunningly.. Wisely, with wisdom, sagaciously, prudently.
wislike Middle English (enm)
wisely English (eng) In a wise manner; using good judgement.

Words with the same origin as wisely

Descendants of wis
righteous righteousness wizard
Descendants of wīs
wisdom wise
Descendants of -līċe
automatically basically carefully daily dearly deeply early freely friendly fully genetically gladly hardly heavily highly lightly lively newly physically sharply shortly slowly specifically truly weekly