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English word wo comes from Westrobothnian meg, Proto-Indo-European *wai, and later Proto-Germanic *waiwô (Evil, wickedness, malice. Woe, grief, misery.)

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Detailed word origin of wo

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meg Westrobothnian (gmq-bot) Me (first-person accusative and dative singular personal pronoun).
*wai Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) suffer, be miserable
*waiwô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Evil, wickedness, malice. Woe, grief, misery.
*wai Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Woe! alas! (expression of grief).
wa Old English (ang) Woe.
wēa Old English (ang)
woo Middle English (enm) Torment; anguish.
wei Middle English (enm)
woe English (eng) (obsolete) woeful; sorrowful A curse; a malediction.. Great sadness or distress; a misfortune causing such sadness. (obsolete) An exclamation of grief.
wo English (eng)

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