woa etymology

English word woa comes from Proto-Germanic *hanhaz ((anatomy) heel.), Proto-Germanic *hwaz, Old Norse haugr (Cairn; sacrificial mound. Howe, mound; dung heap, midden.), Old Norse hó!, Old English hēo

Detailed word origin of woa

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*hanhaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (anatomy) heel.
*hwaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (interrogative) who, what. (interrogative, in dative) whom. (interrogative, in genitive) whose. (interrogative, in instrumental) with whom, with what, how, in what way.
haugr Old Norse (non) Cairn; sacrificial mound. Howe, mound; dung heap, midden.
hó! Old Norse (non)
hēo Old English (ang)
hōh Old English (ang)
hwā Old English (ang)
hwa Old English (ang) Anyone. Who.
hwa Middle English (enm)
hoo Middle English (enm)
who English (eng) A person under discussion; a question of which person. (interrogative) What is one's position; asks whether someone deserves to say or do something.. (interrogative) What person or people; which person or people; asks for the identity of someone. (used in a direct or indirect question). (relative) The person or people that.. (relative, archaic) Whoever, he who, they who.
wo English (eng) A call to cause a horse to slow down or stop; whoa.. A falconer's call to a hawk.
woa English (eng)

Words with the same origin as woa

Descendants of *hanhaz
anyhow backheel backhoe heel heeled ho hock hoe hoecake hoedown hoff hoo hough how howe howsoever huckshins know-how nohow who whoa whoever whosoever wo
Descendants of *hwaz
however quher somewhat wai wat what whatness whatnot whatsoever where wherein which why whyever
Descendants of haugr
Who-athon elsehow everyhow hoelike hoor nohowish shag-boy you-know-who
Descendants of hēo
gumshoe hse overshoe she shemale shim shoe shoebill shoebox shoehorn shoeless shoemaker shoeprint shoeshine shoestring shoeth snowshoe