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English word wooden comes from English wood, English -en

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wood English (eng) (chess, uncountable, slang) Chess pieces.. (countable) A forested or wooded area.. (countable) The wood of a particular species of tree.. (countable, golf) A type of golf club, the head of which was traditionally made of wood.. (music) A woodwind instrument.. (uncountable) The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree. Used as a material for construction, to [...]
-en English (eng) (dialectal, or, non-standard, rare) Used to form the plural of nouns. Can be used to denote the plural form of a small number of English words, the majority of whose etymology goes back to the n-stem (i.e. weak noun) declension of Germanic languages. Used to form the diminutives of certain nouns. When attached to certain adjectives, it forms a transitive verb whose meaning is, to make [...]
wooden English (eng) (figuratively) As if made of wood; moving awkwardly, or speaking with dull lack of emotion.. Made of wood.

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awaken beaten brethren brighten chicken freshen golden lighten loosen straighten strengthen tighten weaken