xanthoma etymology

English word xanthoma comes from English xantho- ((chemistry) derivative of xanthic acid. Yellow.), English -oma

Detailed word origin of xanthoma

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xantho- English (eng) (chemistry) derivative of xanthic acid. Yellow.
-oma English (eng) (pathology) Forming nouns indicating disease or morbidity.. (pathology, specifically) Forming nouns indicating tumors or masses, which may be benign or cancerous (malignant).
xanthoma English (eng) (medicine) A small, yellow nodule, rich in cholesterol and other lipids, that occurs in the skin, often near a joint.

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Descendants of xantho-
hydroxanthic xanthic acid xanthoangelol xanthoastrocytoma xanthochromatic xanthochrome xanthochromic xanthocyanopia xanthoderm xanthodont xanthogranuloma xanthomonad xanthophobia xanthophore xanthophyll xanthophyte xanthopicrite xanthoprotein xanthopsydracia xanthopterin xanthopuccine xanthorhodopsin xanthosis xanthospermous
Descendants of -oma
acanthoma adenoma apudoma astrocytoma branchioma chorioangioma endothelioma fascinoma fibroma genome glioma gyroma haematoma keratoangioma lymph melanoma meningioma myoma myomatous neuroma oncogenomic papilloma stercoroma teratoma xyloma