xenophagy etymology

English word xenophagy comes from English -phagy, English xeno-

Detailed word origin of xenophagy

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-phagy English (eng) (forming nouns) eating in a specified manner, normal or abnormal.. (forming nouns) feeding on; consumption of.
xeno- English (eng) From a foreign place, as in xenolith. Having to do with foreigners, as in xenophilia, or more commonly, xenophobia.. Relating to strangers or strangeness, as in xenodochy or xenomenia.
xenophagy English (eng) (entomology) A categorical change in diet, such as a herbivore becoming carnivorous.. (microbiology) The process by which a cell directs autophagy against pathogens.

Words with the same origin as xenophagy

Descendants of -phagy
aerophagy androphagy anthropophagy autophagy bacteriophagy bibliophagy encephalophagy endophagy ferritinophagy foliophagy geophagy gynophagy hematophagy heterophagy necrophagy oligophagy omophagy oophagy osteophagy paedophagy pantophagy phytophagous placentophagy psomophagy stenophagy
Descendants of xeno-
psammoxenic xenoandrogenic xenoanthropology xenochemistry xenoclast xenocrystal xenocytology xenodiagnostic xenoencyclopedia xenoestrogenic xenoestrogenicity xenofiction xenofree xenogeography xenogeology xenography xenohormone xenolinguistic xenomorphous xenopsychiatry xenosiderophore xenotransplant xenotransplantable xenotropic