xylocarpous etymology

English word xylocarpous comes from English -carpous, English xylo- (Wood.)

Detailed word origin of xylocarpous

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-carpous English (eng) Having a specified number or type of fruit or fruiting bodies or part thereof.
xylo- English (eng) Wood.
xylocarpous English (eng) Bearing fruit that becomes hard or woody.

Words with the same origin as xylocarpous

Descendants of -carpous
acanthocarpous acrocarpous angiocarpous anthocarpous apocarpous gymnocarpous heterocarpous polycarpous rhizocarpous subapocarpous syncarpous
Descendants of xylo-
concert xylophone xylarium xylocaine xylochemistry xylodextrin xylogenous xylography xyloid xyloketal xylolite xyloma xylometry xylophagy xylophilous xylophone xyloplastic xylopyranose xylopyrography xylorcin xyloretinite xylorutinoside xylostyptic xylotherapy xylotypographic