xylopyrography etymology

English word xylopyrography comes from English pyrography, English xylo- (Wood.)

Detailed word origin of xylopyrography

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pyrography English (eng) A decoration so produced. The art of decorating wood or leather by burning designs into its surface with the tip of a heated tool (originally a poker).
xylo- English (eng) Wood.
xylopyrography English (eng) (arts) The art of burning pictures onto wood.

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Descendants of pyrography
pyrograph pyrographic
Descendants of xylo-
concert xylophone xylarium xylocaine xylocarpous xylochemistry xylodextrin xylogenous xylography xyloid xyloketal xylolite xyloma xylometry xylophagy xylophilous xylophone xyloplastic xylopyranose xylorcin xyloretinite xylorutinoside xylostyptic xylotherapy xylotypographic