zoosterol etymology

English word zoosterol comes from English zoo- (Animal.), English sterol

Detailed word origin of zoosterol

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zoo- English (eng) Animal.
sterol English (eng) (biochemistry) Any member of a class of steroids containing a hydroxyl group in the 3-position of the A-ring; they are found in all animal and plant tissue and play an important role in hormone chemistry.
zoosterol English (eng) (biochemistry) Any sterol found in animal tissue.

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Descendants of zoo-
zooarchaeologist zoocephalic zoocyst zoogenesis zoogeographical zoogonidium zoomass zoometry zoonotically zoopathology zoopathy zoophage zoophagia zoophagous zoopharmacognosy zoophytography zoophytology zooprophylaxis zoopsia zoopsychologist zooptic zoosadism zootechnician zootrophic
Descendants of sterol
aminosteroid anabolic steroid antisteroid azasteroid corticosteroid cyclosteroid ketosteroid neurosteroid nonsteroid norsteroid phytosteroid poststeroid roid roid-head steroid steroidal steroidlike steroidogenesis steroidogenic steroidome