Griclond etymology

Middle English word Griclond comes from Old English land, Old English Grēc, Old English Grēcland, and later Old English Grecland (The land of the Greeks, Greece.)

Detailed word origin of Griclond

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
land Old English (ang) A land, region, district, or province. Earth, one of the four elements. Owned or tilled land, an estate.
Grēc Old English (ang)
Grēcland Old English (ang)
Grecland Old English (ang) The land of the Greeks, Greece.
Griclond Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as Griclond

Descendants of land
Engeland Engelond Englelond Fronc-lond Greclond Griccland Irelond Irland Irlond iland land lond londlees upland wodeland yland ylond