Wodnesdei etymology

Middle English word Wodnesdei comes from Latin merx (Goods. Merchandise, commodity.), Latin dies, Proto-Germanic *wōdaz, Proto-Germanic *Wātónos

Detailed word origin of Wodnesdei

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merx Latin (lat) Goods. Merchandise, commodity.
dies Latin (lat) (often in the feminine) A set day: a date, an appointment.. A day, particularly:. A solar or sidereal day of about 24 hours, especially (historical) Roman dates reckoned from one midnight to the next.. Daytime: a period of light between sunrise and sunset.
*wōdaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Anger; fury. Agitated; furious; angry. Excited; energised; spirited; frenzied; obsessed.
*Wātónos Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
Mercurius Latin (lat) Mercury; a Roman god associated with speed and trade; sometimes used as a messenger of the Gods, wearing winged sandals. Mercury was equated with the Greek god Hermes and many other Ancient divinities.
*Wōdanaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Woden or Odin, the Germanic supreme god. Identified in later times with the Roman god Mercury.
dies Mercurii Latin (lat) Wednesday.
*Wōdanas dagaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Wednesday.
wōdnesdæġ Old English (ang)
Wodnesdei Middle English (enm) Wednesday.

Words with the same origin as Wodnesdei

Descendants of merx
Wednesdai conventicle conventicule covent marchant merci pece pecemele peece peice
Descendants of dies
Monday Monenday Tewesday
Descendants of *wōdaz
brain wode wax wode wod wode wode sik woded wodeman woden-drem wodewosen wodnesse wood woodnesse