abaisen etymology

Middle English word abaisen comes from Old French a (Belonging to. To. Towards.), Old French a-, Old French baissier (To lower.), Latin *adbassio ((Vulgar Latin) I lower.)

Detailed word origin of abaisen

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
a Old French (fro) Belonging to. To. Towards.
a- Old French (fro) (by extension) indicating a change of state. Indicating movement towards something. Intensifying prefix.
baissier Old French (fro) To lower.
*adbassio Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I lower.
abaissier Old French (fro) (reflexive, s'abaissier) to prostrate oneself. To lower, to reduce.
abaisser Middle French (frm)
abashen Middle English (enm) To embarrass, shame, discompose. To make ashamed or uneasy.

Words with the same origin as abaisen

Descendants of a
abaishen abaisse abassen abesse abord asearch availen huge
Descendants of a-
abetement abetten abutten adaunten adressen afere affeeble affere amusen attournen avisen