abassen etymology

Middle English word abassen comes from Old French a (Belonging to. To. Towards.), Latin ad- (To.), Old French baissier (To lower.), Latin *bassio

Detailed word origin of abassen

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
a Old French (fro) Belonging to. To. Towards.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
baissier Old French (fro) To lower.
*bassio Latin (lat)
a- Old French (fro) (by extension) indicating a change of state. Indicating movement towards something. Intensifying prefix.
*adbassio Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I lower.
abaissier Old French (fro) (reflexive, s'abaissier) to prostrate oneself. To lower, to reduce.
abaisser Middle French (frm)
abessen Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as abassen

Descendants of a
abaisen abaishen abaisse abesse abord asearch availen huge
Descendants of ad-
a- abaten abbreviaten acceden acointen acuser adew adversitee adverten afere ajoinen aline amortisen apperen apperteinen aprochen ariven arresten ashore asterten tent