abaten etymology

Middle English word abaten comes from Old French batre (To beat; to hit; to strike.), Latin battuere, Latin ad- (To.), Latin ab-

Detailed word origin of abaten

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
batre Old French (fro) To beat; to hit; to strike.
battuere Latin (lat)
ad- Latin (lat) To.
ab- Latin (lat) Absence of. At a distance. Completely, thoroughly. From, away, away from. More remote. Off.
batto Latin (lat)
*abbato Latin (lat) I beat down. I cast down.
abbatto Late Latin (LL)
*abbatere Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
abatre Old French (fro) To destroy; to slaughter. To knock over; to knock down.
abaten Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as abaten

Descendants of battuere
bat batte
Descendants of ad-
a- abaishen abaisse abbreviaten acceden acointen acuser adew adversitee adverten afere ajoinen aline amortisen apperen apperteinen aprochen ariven arresten asearch ashore asterten availen tent
Descendants of ab-
abhorren abiect abolisshen abounde abrogat absolucioun absolut absolven abstinent abstractive abundaunce abundaunt abundauntly abusen abusioun habaundance habundaunt