aboute etymology

Middle English word aboute comes from Old English an- (One, uni-, only. Sole, single, solitary; alone.), Old English butan (Except for, but, unless Without, except.), Old English būtan

Detailed word origin of aboute

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an- Old English (ang) One, uni-, only. Sole, single, solitary; alone.
butan Old English (ang) Except for, but, unless Without, except.
būtan Old English (ang)
onbūtan Old English (ang)
onbutan Old English (ang) On, about, round about, on the outside.
abouten Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as aboute

Descendants of an-
an- anelen anget anhealden on- oncomen onelen onlighten onsenden
Descendants of butan
boute but buten