actuel etymology

Middle English word actuel comes from Latin ago, Latin -alis

Detailed word origin of actuel

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ago Latin (lat) (of offerings) I slay, kill (as a sacrifice). (of plants) I put forth, sprout, extend. (of time) I pass, spend. I accomplish, manage, achieve. I chase, pursue. I discuss, plead, deliberate. I do, act, make, behave. I drive at, pursue (a course of action). I drive, conduct. I guide, govern, administer. I perform, transact. I push, move, impel. I rob, steal, plunder, carry off. I stir up, [...]
-alis Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives of relationship from nouns or numerals.
actus Latin (lat) (historical, _, units of measure) An actus: a former Roman unit of area equivalent to a square with sides of 1 actus (about ⅛ ha). (historical, _, units of measure) An actus: a former Roman unit of length equal to 120 Roman feet (about 35½ m). A cattle drive, the act of driving cattle or a cart. A cattle path or narrow cart track. Act, action, doing, deed. Performance, behavior.
actualis Late Latin (LL)
actual Old French (fro)
actual Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as actuel

Descendants of ago
accion actif actual aleggen aleyen ambiguite chastien combren embatailen empoverishen enacten enbatelen encombraunce endetten endouen endowen engagen enquery envyned grace impoverishen kaye purgen qwaylen
Descendants of -alis
abbacyal bendel canel capital chanel chatel continuel hostel internalle liberal original parcial plurelle regal roial total trial