anhealden etymology

Middle English word anhealden comes from Old English healdan, Old English on-, and later Old English anhealdan (To hold, keep.)

Detailed word origin of anhealden

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healdan Old English (ang) (intransitive) to maintain one’s position against an enemy. To contain. To hold fast, to grasp. To keep watch over (cattle etc.). To possess.
on- Old English (ang) Denoting reverse action. Off, away (inchoactive) in, into; prefix used to intensify an action or to denote origin or initiation. Forming verbs and adjectives from participles and nouns, with various senses of on, upon, to, there, thither.
anhealdan Old English (ang) To hold, keep.
anhealden Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as anhealden

Descendants of healdan
forhealden forholden halden holden
Descendants of on-
aboute an- anelen anget on- oncomen onelen onlighten onsenden