aouren etymology

Middle English word aouren comes from Latin oro (I orate, deliver a speech. I plead, beg. I pray, entreat.), Latin ad ((direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.), Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of aouren

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oro Latin (lat) I orate, deliver a speech. I plead, beg. I pray, entreat.
ad Latin (lat) (direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
adoro Latin (lat) (in a non-religious sense) I admire, esteem highly, marvel at, revere. (religion, of gods or related objects) I revere, honor, worship, adore. I bring an accusation, accuse. I speak to someone to obtain something; ask, entreat, pray to, beseech, implore, plead. I speak to, accost, address; negotiate a matter with.
aorer Old French (fro) To praise or to pray to (chiefly God, the Christian deity); to adore.
*adoren Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as aouren

Descendants of ad
abbreviacioun abbreviaten abrood accusacion adewe admynistren adred adue affere aline appetit approbacioun apreven aqueinten ariht assemblen asteorten asterten attent auntren avetrol prodige seuere tent
Descendants of ad-
a- abaishen abaisse abaten acceden acointen acuser adew adversitee adverten afere ajoinen amortisen apperen apperteinen aprochen ariven arresten asearch ashore availen