approbacioun etymology

Middle English word approbacioun comes from Latin probo, Latin ad ((direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.)

Detailed word origin of approbacioun

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probo Latin (lat) I acquit, exonerate. I approve, commend. I demonstrate, prove. I test, inspect.
ad Latin (lat) (direction) toward, to, on, up to, for.
approbo Latin (lat) I make evident, prove, demonstrate, confirm, establish,like. I regard as good, approve, favor or favour, commend, endorse.. I render acceptable or satisfactory.
approbatio Latin (lat) Proof, confirmation. The act of approving; approval, approbation, acquiescence.
approbacion Old French (fro) (Anglo-Norman) approval; approbation.
approbacioun Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as approbacioun

Descendants of probo
appreoven appreven apreven aproven proof proven
Descendants of ad
abbreviacioun abbreviaten abrood accusacion adewe admynistren adred adue affere aline aouren appetit aqueinten ariht assemblen asteorten asterten attent auntren avetrol prodige seuere tent