aset etymology

Middle English word aset comes from Old English a-, Old English settan (To set, establish, place, make.)

Detailed word origin of aset

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a- Old English (ang) Forming words with the sense from, away, off, out, e.g. āniman.
settan Old English (ang) To set, establish, place, make.
asettan Old English (ang) To set up, set out, place, appoint.
aset Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as aset

Descendants of a-
a abb amansen amansien atenen ateonen awaken mansien o
Descendants of settan
andsete ansete nesten nestlen nicetee nyce nyst sadel see seotel sete setil setle settle seuere seware sille siten sitten soote sot sote upset withsetten