autorite etymology

Middle English word autorite comes from Proto-Italic *augeō (To enlarge. To increase.)

Detailed word origin of autorite

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*augeō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) To enlarge. To increase.
augeo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I exalt, praise. I enlarge, spread, expand. I exaggerate. I honor, enrich. I increase, augment. I lengthen.
auctus Latin (lat) Ample. Enlarged. Enriched.
auctor Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) one who gives increase (hence: an originator, causer, doer, founder). (figuratively) authorship, agency, encouragement. (poetic) the Creator, God. Author. Seller, vendor.
auctoritas Latin (lat) Influence, authority, prestige, reputation. Influential person. Legal title. Power conferred, decree, order, rights, command. Responsibility, opinion, judgment. Sanction, political sanction. Support, backing. Warrant.
auctorité Old French (fro)
autorite Middle English (enm)

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