bakere etymology

Middle English word bakere comes from Old English bacan (To bake.), Old English -ere (Masculine agent suffix, originally applied only to nouns.), Proto-Germanic *bakiz (Beach, strand. Brook, stream.), Proto-Germanic - ārijaz

Detailed word origin of bakere

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bacan Old English (ang) To bake.
-ere Old English (ang) Masculine agent suffix, originally applied only to nouns.
*bakiz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Beach, strand. Brook, stream.
- ārijaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*bakārijaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) One who creates baked goods; baker.
bæcere Old English (ang) Baker (person who bakes and sells bread, etc).
bakere Middle English (enm) Baker.

Words with the same origin as bakere

Descendants of bacan
bakestre bakistre bakster
Descendants of -ere
-er -ere Wistler Wyzelere grinder lam lamb lambre leder prisoner tannere
Descendants of *bakiz
abak bac- bacche bak bec becc bek bekk bæcche bæche
Descendants of - ārijaz
fischare fischere shippere