banket etymology

Middle English word banket comes from Middle French banc, Proto-Indo-European *bʰeg-, Middle French bancquet (Banquet (large meal).), Middle French bancqueter (To banquet (participate in a large meal).)

Detailed word origin of banket

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banc Middle French (frm)
*bʰeg- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to break
bancquet Middle French (frm) Banquet (large meal).
bancqueter Middle French (frm) To banquet (participate in a large meal).
banc French (fra) Bank (mass of material, of cloud, fog, etc). Bank, shoal, school (of fish). Bench (seat).
*bankiz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A raised surface; bulge; hillock; slope. Bench.
*panch Old High German (goh)
banch Old High German (goh)
panch Langobardic (lng)
*bank Langobardic (lng)
banc Middle High German (gmh)
Bank German (deu) A facility for storage of a particular thing:. Bank (financial institution) (football) substitutes' bench. Bank (collection of material in a body of water). Bench (which people sit on); pew. Workbench (which things can be set down on).
banque French (fra) Bank.
banca Italian (ita) Bank (financial institution).
banket Middle French (frm)
banchetto Italian (ita) Feast, banquet.
banquet Middle French (frm)
banquette French (fra) Seat.
banket Middle Dutch (dum)
banket Middle English (enm)

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Descendants of banc
Descendants of *bʰeg-
abak bac- bacon bacoun bak bec becc becche beckeren bek bekk bekke bench benk benke bicche biche bickeren bikeren bink binke bynk