biflien etymology

Middle English word biflien comes from Old English butan (Except for, but, unless Without, except.), English besmirch, English fly, Old English fleogan (To fly, move quickly, flee.), Old English flēogan

Detailed word origin of biflien

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butan Old English (ang) Except for, but, unless Without, except.
besmirch English (eng) (transitive) To tarnish something, especially someone's reputation; to debase.. (transitive, literary) To make dirty; to soil.
fly English (eng) (ambitransitive, archaic, poetic) To flee, to escape (from).. (intransitive) To travel through the air, another gas, or a vacuum, without being in contact with a grounded surface.. (intransitive) To travel very fast.. (intransitive, baseball) To hit a fly ball; to hit a fly ball that is caught for an out. Compare ground (verb) and line (verb).. (intransitive, colloquial, of a proposal, [...]
fleogan Old English (ang) To fly, move quickly, flee.
flēogan Old English (ang)
befleogan Old English (ang) To come by flying, fly onto.. To fly about or around.
beflēogan Old English (ang)
biflien Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as biflien

Descendants of butan
aboute boute but buten
Descendants of fleogan
flie flien