blodles etymology

Middle English word blodles comes from Old English blōd, Old English -lēas, Old English blod (Blood.)

Detailed word origin of blodles

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
blōd Old English (ang)
-lēas Old English (ang)
blod Old English (ang) Blood.
blōdlēas Old English (ang)
blodleas Old English (ang) Bloodless.
blodles Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as blodles

Descendants of blōd
Marie blood
Descendants of -lēas
-leas -lees -les boteles botles bērdlēs carles craftles creftleas frounceless godles heedles herteles hertles hevedles imundleas lifles londlees meteles restles sorweles stereles thewless wifles wyflees
Descendants of blod
blodi blody