cacchen etymology

Middle English word cacchen comes from Latin capio (I capture, seize, take. I take in, understand. I take on.), Latin ago, Latin co, Latin co- ((intensifier). Together, with.), Late Latin recaptiāre, Late Latin recaptiare

Detailed word origin of cacchen

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capio Latin (lat) I capture, seize, take. I take in, understand. I take on.
ago Latin (lat) (of offerings) I slay, kill (as a sacrifice). (of plants) I put forth, sprout, extend. (of time) I pass, spend. I accomplish, manage, achieve. I chase, pursue. I discuss, plead, deliberate. I do, act, make, behave. I drive at, pursue (a course of action). I drive, conduct. I guide, govern, administer. I perform, transact. I push, move, impel. I rob, steal, plunder, carry off. I stir up, [...]
co Latin (lat)
co- Latin (lat) (intensifier). Together, with.
recaptiāre Late Latin (LL)
recaptiare Late Latin (LL)
captio Latin (lat) (Late Latin) Catch. Deception, fraud, deceit. Quibble.
captio Late Latin (LL)
captiāre Late Latin (LL)
cachier Anglo-Norman (xno)
cogo Latin (lat) I collect, assemble, gather together, restrict or confine. I force, compel, urge, encourage.
coactus Latin (lat) Coercion. Compulsion.
*coactico Latin (lat)
chacier Old French (fro) To hunt, to go hunting.
*coacticāre Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
cachier Old French (fro) (Old Northern French, Anglo-Norman) (ambitransitive) to hide.
cacchen Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as cacchen

Descendants of capio
acatour catour chacer chaser chasour conceiven conceptioun deceyven desayven dissayven part-takinge part-takynge perceiven receiven
Descendants of ago
accion actif actual actuel aleggen aleyen ambiguite chastien combren embatailen empoverishen enacten enbatelen encombraunce endetten endouen endowen engagen enquery envyned grace impoverishen kaye purgen qwaylen
Descendants of co
cay kay key keye quaylen
Descendants of co-
acointen aqueinten cognicion cop copie coppe copy coverchief covercle coveren cuppe