careful etymology

Middle English word careful comes from Old English cearu (Anxiety. Care, caution. Suffering, sorrow, grief.), Old English ċearu, Old English -ful (Full of; -ful.)

Detailed word origin of careful

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cearu Old English (ang) Anxiety. Care, caution. Suffering, sorrow, grief.
ċearu Old English (ang)
-ful Old English (ang) Full of; -ful.
ċearful Old English (ang)
cearful Old English (ang) Careful, full of care, sad.
careful Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as careful

Descendants of cearu
carfulli chary
Descendants of ċearu
care carles
Descendants of -ful
-full myndeful nedeful needeful senful shamefull sinful sunful synful traitourfull wonderful wondirful