clenliche etymology

Middle English word clenliche comes from Old English clæne (Clean. Clear.), Old English clǣne, Old English -līc, Old English clǣnlīc, Old English -līċe

Detailed word origin of clenliche

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
clæne Old English (ang) Clean. Clear.
clǣne Old English (ang)
-līc Old English (ang)
clǣnlīc Old English (ang)
-līċe Old English (ang)
clǣnlīċe Old English (ang)
clænlice Old English (ang) Purely, cleanly.
clænlic Old English (ang) Cleanly, pure, excellent, splendid.
clenli Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as clenliche

Descendants of clæne
clane clene clenly clennesse
Descendants of clǣne
Descendants of -līc
-andlic -andlike -endlice -endliȝ -lich leodlic
Descendants of -līċe
biterli bitterli bliþeliche carfulli craftiliche evenly hardely hardliche hevyliche inly lifly liȝtliche lustfully mildeliche myghtely newely poverly reowliche swyftely treoweliche tymely vnwisely wislike