cognicion etymology

Middle English word cognicion comes from Latin con, Latin gnosco, Latin *conosceo, Latin co- ((intensifier). Together, with.), Latin -ivus (Adjective suffix.), Latin *gnoscere

Detailed word origin of cognicion

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
con Latin (lat)
gnosco Latin (lat)
*conosceo Latin (lat)
co- Latin (lat) (intensifier). Together, with.
-ivus Latin (lat) Adjective suffix.
*gnoscere Latin (lat)
nosco Latin (lat) I know, recognize, am acquainted with, i.e.; in possession of knowledge.
cognosco Latin (lat) (in perfect tense) I know. I learn, I am acquainted (with), I recognize.
cognitus Latin (lat) Acquaintance (act of getting to know one).
cognicion Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as cognicion

Descendants of con
acointen aqueinten condien conduen conscience constellacioun constillacioun queynte quoynte
Descendants of gnosco
noote not notable note noteful notful nute unnoteful
Descendants of co-
cacchen cay cop copie coppe copy coverchief covercle coveren cuppe kay kaye key keye quaylen qwaylen
Descendants of -ivus
abstractive caytif