conscience etymology

Middle English word conscience comes from Proto-Italic *skijō, Latin con-, Latin con, and later Latin scientia (Knowledge.)

Detailed word origin of conscience

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*skijō Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
con- Latin (lat) Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.
con Latin (lat)
sciendus Latin (lat)
com- Latin (lat)
scientia Latin (lat) Knowledge.
ști Romanian (ron) (reflexive) to be known. To know (generally said of facts).
conscio Latin (lat) I am conscious of, have on my conscience.. I know well.
conscire Latin (lat)
conscientis Latin (lat)
conscientia Latin (lat) Knowledge shared with others, being in the know or privy to, joint knowledge; complicity. Knowledge within oneself of right or wrong; conscience; remorse. Knowledge within oneself, consciousness, feeling.
conscience Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as conscience

Descendants of *skijō
nice nicetee nyce nys science scyence
Descendants of con-
accounten acomplissen cognicion comaunden companion compas comper complaynen completen complexion conceiven conceptioun condescenden condicioun condien confessen conformen consecucioun contencion continuel convenient conventicule costen covercle incompleet
Descendants of con
acointen aqueinten conduen constellacioun constillacioun queynte quoynte