cuppe etymology

Middle English word cuppe comes from Old English ator (Poison, venom.), Proto-Indo-European *gu-, Proto-Indo-European *gew-, Proto-Indo-European *kewp-, Proto-Indo-European *keup-, Malayalam copa, English atter, Byzantine Greek κούπα

Detailed word origin of cuppe

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ator Old English (ang) Poison, venom.
*gu- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*gew- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*kewp- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*keup- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
copa Malayalam (mal)
atter English (eng) (UK, _, dialectal) To discharge, as a sore; clot; curdle; cake.. (UK, _, dialectal) To venom; sting. (UK, _, dialectal) A scab; a dry sore.. (UK, _, dialectal) Epithelium produced on the tongue.. (archaic, or, UK, _, dialectal) Poison, venom, especially of a venomous animal.. (archaic, or, UK, _, dialectal) Pus, corrupt or morbid matter from a sore or wound.
κούπα Byzantine Greek (gkm)
*gup- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
κούπα Modern Greek (1453-) (ell) Cup (part of a brassiere). Hearts (suit of playing cards). Liquid measure used in cookery. Mug, large cup (drinking vessel). Trophy cup.
*kubnáz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*kuppaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Crown (of the head); harnpan; skull; head. Knoll; hilltop; summit. Round object; orb. Vessel; container; bowl.
copp Old English (ang) Cup; vessel Top; summit.
cupa Latin (lat) Handle, axle. Tub, cask, tun, vat.
cuppa Late Latin (LL)
cuppa Latin (lat) Axle. Bar of an oil press. Barrel, cask. Drinking vessel.
cuppe Old English (ang) A small drinking vessel; cup.
ātorcoppe Old English (ang)
cuppe Middle English (enm)
cop English (eng) (slang, law enforcement) A police officer or prison guard. (obsolete) A spider. (architecture, military) A merlon.. (crafts) The ball of thread wound on to the spindle in a spinning machine.. (obsolete) The crown (of the head); also the head itself. [14th-15th c.]. (obsolete) The top, summit, especially of a hill.. A tube or quill upon which silk is wound. (intransitive, usually with "to", [...]

Words with the same origin as cuppe

Descendants of ator
ater atter attri attry cop coppe ætriȝ
Descendants of *gew-
cod codde codpiece kile kuggel kyle kylle
Descendants of *kewp-
coupe cuuel hof hoof houve hovel hoven hovil hovylle howve huve hyfe hyve
Descendants of *keup-
coif coiffe coyf coyfe coyffe