diffinicioun etymology

Middle English word diffinicioun comes from Latin ex, e (A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.), Latin finire

Detailed word origin of diffinicioun

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ex, e Latin (lat) A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.
finire Latin (lat)
definiendum Latin (lat)
definitionem Latin (lat)
definition Middle French (frm) Definition (clarification of this definition is being sought).
diffinicioun Middle English (enm)

Words with the same origin as diffinicioun

Descendants of ex, e
aleggen aleyen awarden condescenden decenden declinacioun declinen deriven descriven deserven despect despit dessendaunte dett edycte escusen example exciten excusen ischewe issue sample sewer sluse
Descendants of finire
definen fin finaunce finen finischen finishen finisshen fyn fyne fynen